Qianheng Construction Ghana Limited, which was founded in the early 1980s and restructured into a limited liability company in January 2000, possesses the national qualifications for foreign project contracting and aid projects of foreign complete plants, Grade A general contractor for housing engineering construction, general contractor for road engineering construction and water conservancy & hydro-power engineering construction, professional contractor for airport, power plant, bridge, tunneling, river channel, earthwork and decoration engineering etc. Qianheng is a comprehensive large-scale construction enterprise independently undertaking local and foreign projects, covering investment, design, planning, supervision, construction, and installation.

The company has more than 40 local branches and project departments, 3 foreign independent sub-companies and more than 10 foreign project departments, and also has more than 3500 employees, among them, there are 330 persons with engineering technology and economic management titles of various disciplines and classes, including 14 persons with senior titles and 80 persons with middle-rank professional titles, there are also 451 persons bearing various categories of certificates including 59 builders of Grade One and other grades. Qianheng has 3262 sets of various mechanical equipment.

In the scores of years since its establishment, Qianheng has accumulatively completed local housing projects more than 20,000,000㎡ building area, 580km of road sub-base, 3,120,000㎡ of road pavement, more than 600 bridges/tunnels/culverts. In recent five years, the company has completed projects of housing building, railway sub-structures, airport, power station, municipal engineering, roads, earthwork and etc in a construction output value of hundreds of million USD dollars. A series of construction projects, including Longchang Jinggu Building, Sichuan Qianheng Office Building, Neijiang Hanan Master`s Building, Zunyi Ruian Building, Panzhihua Public Security Command Center Building, Monocrystal and pull-down Crystal workshop for Yichang Nanbo Group,Jiexiu Chengguang building, Panzhihua Runxin Building, Huguangshuian Xintian Residence Quarter in Panzhihua,No.4 Building of Taiyuan Broadcasting and TV station, Tongzi Bridge, Bao-zhu express highway, Ertan Power Station, Chengdong Power Plant, has been respectively awarded “Advanced Project” of the provincial level and municipal level. Foreign projects contracted by the company, including new-built Tongwei (Vietnam) works, Vietnam Vungtau International Convention Exhibition Center(five star),Sudan Merowe Dam Piers, Burundi Senior Normal School, Hail 1201 Housing Units of Saudi General Housing Authority, Angola Luanda Yigeiaideng Garden, Angola Mosangmeidesi Railway sub-structures, have been well appraised by the owners or recommended for application for “Advanced Project” of the counties where the project locates.

Based on the management philosophy of “ faithfulness, hi-tech, human-orientation and quality ” for decades, Qianheng has been successively awarded “Top 50 Construction Enterprises of comprehensive strength in Sichuan Province”, “Advanced Foreign Market Development Construction Enterprise of Sichuan Province”, “Contract Compliance and Trust-worthy enterprises of Sichuan Province”, “Reliable Project Quality Enterprise of Sichuan Province”, “National Stable-Quality Enterprise”.



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